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  • Security Analysis Advisor
    Information Security Analyst Ottawa (Ontario) 2021/05/22
    We are currently seeking a Security Analysis Advisor to join our team in Ottawa, Ontario (CA-ON), Canada (CA). We are looking for a senior resource to perform the role of Senior Cybersecurity Specialist to work with our client  to define outcomes, de...
  • Sr. Technical Enterprise Architect
    IT Manager Ottawa (Ontario) 2021/05/22
    We are currently seeking a Sr. Technical Enterprise Architect to join our team in Ottawa, Ontario (CA-ON), Canada (CA). In the role of a Sr. Technical Enterprise Architect, provides overall technology leadership, direction and guidance of an enterpri...
  • Systems Engineer
    Systems Engineer Ottawa (Ontario) 2021/03/21
    Position Description: Based in Ottawa, the Systems Engineer is a technical professional with a broad knowledge of system infrastructure products. In this role, the candidate manages, maintains, troubleshoots, recommends and implements changes to syst...
  • Network Engineer
    Network Engineer Jobs Ottawa (Ontario) 2021/03/21
    Position Description: At NOVA Networks our Network Engineers orchestrate the moving parts involved with making our clients IT and network run efficiently. As part of our Pre-Sales and Delivery Professional Services team you will be responsible for bu...
  • FPGA Verification Engineer
    Systems Engineer Ottawa (Ontario) 2021/03/20
    Help build the future of networking Rooted in a vision to end decades of unnecessary complexity, Rockport Networks has built a highly-performant scalable switchless network, reimagining the future of networking. Working with the industry’s most leadi...
  • Customer Support Engineer
    Tech Support Ottawa (Ontario) 2021/03/19
    ROCKPORT NETWORKS IS LOOKING FOR A CUSTOMER SUPPORT ENGINEER As a Customer Support Engineer, you will apply your client facing experience in order to provide world class customer support to Rockport's clients. You will work closely with clients to id...
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IT jobs In Canada is a niche job site that focus precisely on helping job seekers find jobs in information Technology. It is Canada's leading tech job recruitment portal designed to help employers attract qualified tech talent for their mission-critical technology projects related to software engineering, Big data analysis, Computer networking, mobile application development, cloud computing, information security analysis etc. In today's business landscape, where building a strong, efficient and progressive team results in business and economic growth, the role of online tech team recruitment can not be over emphasized. That is why we set up technology job to help in accelerating the process of team building and tech job recruitment in Canada.

Recruiting and hiring strong Tech Talents can be somewhat challenging especially at this time where tech skills shortages exist in some of Canada's tech hubs such as Toronto, Vancouver, Waterloo, Montreal, Ottawa, Barnaby, Edmonton, Calgary etc. Finding the right fit for important projects can be so satisfying for recruiters and tech employers. However, it comes with some challenges. Our job board technology job is here to do the heavy lifting. IT jobs in Canada, is a Canadian job site designed specifically to help the smooth flow of tech job recruitment in Canada. It is designed with modern online job recruitment tools that will help employers and tech recruiters streamline their tech hiring in a more efficient manner. Canada online recruitment trend is changing so fast with both employers and job seekers seeking for the best, easiest and most efficient way to connect.

It Jobs In Canada offers all the modern tools that help expedite tech and IT job recruitment in Canada. Our job posting and application tracking system is among the best in the industry. On the other hand, search for jobs and resume profile creation is intuitive and very user-friendly . offers lots of modern social integration and networking tools to allow employers and recruiters stay proactively connect with job seekers. We invite you to use our site to recruit and hire tech professionals locally. It is fast, efficient and easy to use.

These are some important reasons why you should consider a career in information technology. Tech jobs keeps evolving. Latest study shows that Tech and IT jobs are the most in-demand career fields in Canada.
Here are the 10 Top most In-demand IT jobs In Canada in 2021
Mobile Application developer
Software Engineer
Full Stack Software Engineer
Big Data Analyst
Information security Analyst
Cloud Engineer
Machine Learning Developer
IT Project manager
Network Engineer
UI/UX Designer

The vital role technology plays in national building can not be over emphasized . Technology builds and develop nations. It is also technology that develop and change economy for better. Every sector of the economy requires technology services in order remain afloat and stay competitive. Therefore, it is not surprising to see surge in tech and IT job openings across Canada. There is concentration of tech jobs in some Canada's largest cities which have continued to attract tech talents over the years partly because these cities have high concentration of fortune 500 and blue chip tech companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Shopify, Dell, AMD ,CAE, Uber, SAP, Intuit, Research in Motion, Electronic Art, NVIDIA, Samsung, Open text, Bell just to mention a few. On the other hand, there is huge government investment in technology and innovation which has created thousands of tech jobs over the years. Canadian government always want to stay up to date with technology and that has also led to creation of new tech job openings.

Among these Canadian top tech cities Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Waterloo, Montreal Calgary, Edmonton and Burnaby takes the lead as Canada's tech hub cities churning out thousands of tech and IT jobs this year. According to latest job stats, Toronto created more tech jobs than many US major cities, making it one of North Americas home for tech jobs. Info tech jobs will help you stay up to date with job opportunities from some of Canada tech hubs . Therefore, if you are a job seeker who wish to get job in the tech sector, this guide can help you make informed decision where to focus your IT and tech job search.

Employers and recruiters looking for tech professionals to fill up IT and tech job openings, this tech job guide can help you make smart decision as to where to concentrate in finding your next tech talents pool. There is no doubt that tech talent gap exists among cities in Canada. Let's help fill the talent and tech skills gap in Canada.